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Studying While High on Weed: Practical tips that works

Studying for your exams while high o weed is a very bad idea, but let’s face it, it is happening. Some of the challenges associated with it include feeling muddled, fatigue and finding it overwhelming to concentrate. Well, all these challenges restrict learners from processing information and internalizing new ideas. Fortunately, all is not lost, here are practical tips on how to study while high on weed.

Refresh Yourself

One of the most effective ways to refresh so that you can start studying is doing light exercise. You can do some short jogs, pushups, or jumping jacks for about 10 minutes. Combined with taking the right diet exercising keeps you alert as well as rejuvenates you.

Take a shower

Taking a cold shower not only keeps you alert and focused but also recharges you. Avoid spending long in the shower. This is because the essence is to refresh and wake you up rather than relaxing.

Consider taking caffeine

Do you know taking caffeine appropriately gets rid of the irritating grogginess that comes with bhang? However, it is important to understand that taking caffeine makes you feel higher than before. Consequently, only consume it if you know how its effects on you when high on weed.

Find a good reading environment

One of the challenges of studying while high on weed is that you get distracted by many things. You should, therefore, consider using a quiet and peaceful place like a library, a desk in your bedroom, or a coffee shop. Turn your phone off. Also, don’t read from your bed or couch; you might end up falling asleep.

Take water or any non-alcoholic fluid

Hydrating yourself helps you sober up a bit allowing you to read for your final paper. Just like eating a balanced diet, drinking water boosts your metabolism. This helps the body get rid of THC out of your system keeping you alert. It also detoxes you.

Consider taking fluids rich in Vitamin B12, C, and D.

Set time limits and goals

Ensure you set realistic goals and time limit for all sections you are reading. You can start by deciding on what you want to cover within a certain time frame and then diving your time. This will help you read through a wide subject matter instead of bogging down on one topic because you lost focus.

Final Thought

No student should fear using marijuana will affect their cognitive abilities when studying. All they need is finding their preference and which strain works for them. Happy Studying!

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